Product of the Week: Rosé Wine

It is officially Rosè season. It broke 80 in the Northeast this week, so it is safe to say that many a betch will be sipping on some delicious Cote d’Azur Rosè outdoors this weekend. And if you weren’t planning on it, you better get on it fast because do you want to be the last one in your friend group to insta a glistening glass with a sunset in the background? I don’t think so.

While we all love Rosè there are a few ground rules to keep it betchy and not basic. First and foremost, only one wine-focused insta per week, MAX. Second, get creative with where you drink the Rosè; while we are all entitled to a few Netflix-induced binges, betches need to get out in the world. So feel free to bring your wine to the beach or the park or a roof deck. (Roof decks are clutch this time of year, if you don’t have one, I suggest finding a pro that does.) Finally, drink plenty of water during the day if you plan on getting wine-blackout that evening (wine can give you the worst hangover).

Rosè is certainly betches approved, so go out there and celebrate the season of tanning and drinking outside.


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