Prince Harry Met Harry Styles and He Told Him He Was Pretty

It’s hard for a guy to pull off a name like Harry, kind of like girls with boys names (see: Ryan and Devon). To do it well you have to be super hot and cool, or like a celebrity. The only two relevant Harrys – sorry Harry Connick Jr. – met this weekend, and it was like inception.

They were both at the Royal Variety Performance in London. That’s like the British version of Kennedy Center Honors except less self-congratulation and more performances. The winner of the X-Factor performs, which would be awkward considering One Direction lost the competition except that they’re way, way, way more famous than anyone else on that show. Susan Boyle is great and everything, but teenage girls don’t wear lockets with her photo.

Anyway, Prince Harry was doing his ~royalty thing and meeting everyone at the event. Seriously like that’s his job – rocking a tux and making small talk, and I’d endorse him for those skills on LinkedIn. Singer Harry was there being a national treasure and teasing teenage girls everywhere about his first solo album. They had a super passive aggressive conversation that only two alpha males can have before bro-ing out over beer pong.

Prince Harry: When was the last time you had a haircut?
Translation: Do you even lift bro?

Singer Harry: I’m not planning on it right now.
Translation: You mad bro?

The amount of fan fiction already being written about their 5 second interaction is unreal.


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