Prince George Is Off To School To Prove To Daddy He’s Not a Fool

Prince George started school yesterday, in what will be a long career of pretending he gives a shit about his grades. Seriously, he DGAF about covalent bonds, he’s is going to be King of England. He’s attending Westacre Montessori School, where every mother with a 2 year old daughter has flocked. I’m sure his pre-school girlfriend will brag about their kiss in the block area for the rest of her life.

Kate Middleton took two photos of George on his first day, kind of like how your mom did. Except these photos were released by Kensington Palace and yours were used for your TBT Instagram on the last day of high school.

Prince George is one day in and already understands what the next 20 years of school will be like. His facial expression of confusion, disappointment, and exhaustion is my spirit animal. Best of luck George, we’re all rooting for you.


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