Pretty Little Liars Is Finally Ending, Thank God

In 2010, ABC Family (RIP) gave us the hot mess that is Pretty Little Liars. In case you don’t watch, you can’t sit with us it’s just the tale of four attractive high school girls whose bff Allison went missing and wound up dead, only to haunt them and expose all their dirty secrets. The “ghost” went by A. A? For Allison? Groundbreaking. There was a teacher that had a knack for screwing 13-year-olds, a girl who I’m still not sure if she was blind or not, whoreish parents, a lot of murders and a REALLY corrupt police department. Ya know, just normal everyday shit. Well now it’s all coming to an end. Am I the only one who’s relieved by this?

thank god

Don’t get me wrong, I fucking live for PLL. Are the writers on crack? Most likely. Do I finish every episode more confused than I was in college statistics? 100 percent. But that shit is juicy and entertaining and it’s amazing. I’m just so ready to know who tf A is. Every season it’s one person—Noel KAhn, EzrA, MonA, JennA, Cece DrAke, you fucking nAme it—then the next season starts and it’s like that shit never happened. That’s not how TV works, but okay. Now we’ll finally know who’s been torturing these decade-long high schoolers. Well maybe. You never know with these assholes.

The series will officially end with the second half of season 7, which will premiere in April, so let the crazy ideas begin. I’m still sticking by my theory that it’s AriA.

Aria Shh


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