The Betches’ Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Hey America, guess what? It’s presidential debate season. And with the two most unpopular candidates of all time debating for the first time, it’s bound to be a fucking shitshow (enabled, of course, by this drinking game).

Whether you support Hillz or The Donald, get ready to pop open a few bottles of wine and drink until you forget this is the future of our country.

Take a sip if/when:

sipping drink

  • Trump assures us he is an expert on ISIS—more so than the generals
  • Hillary says the phrase “Stronger Together”
  • Trump says “Make America Great Again”
  • Hillary talks about Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media network and looks lost
  • Either candidate ignores the moderator’s time limit and keeps babbling
  • Hillary tactfully diverts any questions about her emails. Take a shot if she pretends she’s never heard of email before
  • Trump insists “the Hispanics” love him. Take a shot if he insists that Mexico will pay for his fucking wall

Chug your drink if/when:

Chugging wine

  • Trump calls his debate partner “Crooked Hillary” to her face
  • Hillary calls her debate partner “the Republican nominee” to avoid saying Trump’s name
  • Either the Clinton Foundation or Trump Foundation is mentioned
  • Trump accidentally refers to his recent endorser as “Lyin’ Ted Cruz”
  • Hillary mentions any of the racist, bigoted things Donald has said in the last year

Take a shot if/when:

Justin Timberlake

  • The size of Donald’s tiny, child-like hands is mentioned
  • Donald asks Hillary about Monica Lewinsky
  • Anybody in the room non-ironically says “Thanks, Obama”
  • Trumps swears on national television
  • Hillary mentions the designer of her pantsuit
  • Trump’s toupee falls to the stage floor
  • Hillary breaks out in a coughing spell and is immediately rushed to the hospital
  • You decide to start googling “How to move to Canada”


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