Pregnant Blake Lively At The Met Gala Still Skinnier Than You

Everybody keeps saying that Blake Lively debuted her “baby bump” last night at the Met Gala, but I don’t believe them. Where is it???

Pretty sure she is at all of our collective goal weights, no way there is a tiny human growing in there. Nope, don’t believe it.

Blake recently told People that she was going to “Amp up [her] style by wearing things that are stretchier because ‘that’s all that fits.’” No way, you didn’t just do that, Lively. You are literally the weight that Kim K had to lose after she had Saint. You are not human. Fuck you and your humble brags.

I mean, seriously, who else do you know who is able to wear a Burberry sample size gown while pregnant? Or like, at all?


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