We Found Posh Spice’s Lost Hip-Hop Album

So Victoria Beckham was the fashion-focused member of the Spice Girls who apparently didn’t sing live, married DILF David Beckham, and has a well-respected mid-range clothing line. It’s definitely a version of the American dream. Well if you’re ready since the biggest plot twist since the Red Wedding, Posh Spice recorded a hip-hop album in 2003.

Apparently back in the early 2000s, when it was fashionable to wear gaucho jeans and women’s ties, Posh was good friends with Damon Dash, who co-founded Roc-a-Fella records with Jay Z. True story: Damon and Victoria got drunk and signed the contract at some party, so they had to follow through afterward. The album was called Come Together, and featured rando rappers while Posh sang. The problem was that Victoria’s record label affiliated with the Spice Girls didn’t like that she made a hip-hop album, so they refused to let her release it.
I’m not sure what’s more shocking about this story: Posh made the album, her label wouldn’t let her release what would clearly have been the album of the decade, or that she was friends with Damon Dash. All I know is that I will be spending the next three days listening to it on repeat. Listen to some choice tracks below.


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