Betchy Pope Francis Joined Instagram

In a move that solidifies his status as the betchiest Pope ever, Pope Francis made his first-ever Instagram account on Saturday. Frankie has been on Twitter for a while, but Instagram is a whole new venture into millennial territory. After joining, he hit 1 million followers in less than 12 hours, which honestly makes us hate him a little bit. He’s also following 0 people, which gives him probably the best ratio in the world.

In his first three days on Insta, he’s already posted six photos, which means he definitely needs to calm down. Posting more than once a day is only allowed on special occasions like your wedding or a really incredible brunch, so cool it with the pictures of your old face.

If it wasn’t already clear that the Pope is better than you, he also posts his captions in six different languages. Honestly we can’t tell what most of them are, but one is definitely English and one is probably Arabic. There haven’t been any punny captions yet, but there has to be a donut picture coming sooner or later.  

Incidentally, that’s what I say when I wake up too hungover to function. ILY Pope Francis, keep it betchy.


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