Your Favorite Pop Stars Don’t Write Their Own Music

Much like essays during finals season, pop stars aren’t actually writing their songs. Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande have all been accused of stealing lyrics. Tbh I didn’t know people stole absolute trash, but apparently it’s a Hollywood trend.

Obvi most singers don’t write their songs by themselves—even Taylor Swift needs help with her material. But they are legally obligated to credit the ghost writers—not ex-boyfriends tho. Instead, those three “heavily borrowed” from other singers/songwriters without listing them as co-writers and without paying them a portion of the profits. It’s like if you knew a sorority sister was going to wear a specific dress to formal, and then you decided to buy and wear it before she can. But you also get paid a couple million dollars and she doesn’t get shit.

Ariana wrote “One Last Time” with David Guetta in 2014. She’s being sued by some rando named Alex Greggs (with two “g”s like he’s fucking Snoop Dogg) for stealing “Takes All Night,” a song he wrote for Skye Stevens. Literally who are these people??

Demo Lovato’s song “Stars” is apparently taken from the Sleigh Bells’ song “Infinity Guitars.” This one is especially bold because Infinity Guitars was in an iPhone commercial.

Ed Sheeran is definitely the most fucked, because his song “Thinking Out Loud” is getting sued by the family of the guy who wrote “Let’s Get It On” sung by Marvin Gaye. IDK, this one seems like a stretch to me. Throwback to when Pharell and Robin Thicke had to pay $7.3 million to Marvin Gaye’s estate for “Blurred Lines.” Can we just let Marvin rest?

Apparently they never watched that episode of Lizzie McGuire where Miranda got caught for stealing lipstick. Newsflash: Don’t take other people’s shit if you’re going to get caught. 


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