The 2015 Pop Danthology Mashup Is Here (LISTEN)

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over, it feels like just yesterday I was packing for Spring Break and recovering from my July 4th hangover. The Starbucks holiday cups are here (lol) and you should be planning your reunion with the high school besties over Thanksgiving, so it just makes sense that the “Best of” lists are here.

Every year, Pop Danthology comes out, which is like the who’s who of pop music. If you’re not on the mix, then your song was probably shit – sorry Britney Spears and Igloo Australia, I don’t think “Pretty Girls” is going to make the cut. Well this year was super easy to mash-up because pretty much all of the songs were half-EDM anyways. They’re broken up into two parts, because there was too much Fetty Wap to put in just one song.

So go listen and add these to your Wednesday night pregame playlist ASAP.


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