Pokémon Go Is Probs Stealing Your Identity

Ever since the release of Pokémon Go last week, the world has pretty much gone insane. On a high note, the game has made all kinds of nerds leave their bedrooms and see sunlight for the first time since they were young enough to be holding their mother’s hands. On a low note, Pokémon Go probably has all the information to the Google accounts everyone used to sign up. #Bummer

According to Fortune, players were noticing that when they signed in to Pokémon Go with their Google accounts and hit the agree button, Niantic (the company who distributes Pokémon Go) suddenly had permission to read and send emails, look at any search histories, and use whatever Google account features it wanted. In other words, the terms and conditions came back to bite everybody in their lame asses.

Fortune also wrote, “After they became aware of the problem, The Pokémon Company and Niantic released a joint statement ensuring gamers that it was not their intention to gain full access to their accounts. The two companies said that no information was accessed aside from a User ID and email address, and they are currently working to fix the issue. They have contacted Google and Pokémon Go’s permission will soon be limited to just basic profile information.”

Alright so, like, Niantic essentially confirmed that all of the above shitty news is true but that it’s “working to fix the issue” and that they’re super sorry it happened to begin with. Right. Well Niantic, you’ve all but taught us users (I’m not afraid to admit I reminisced by downloading the game when I should’ve been working #sorrynotsorry) that any game that relies upon walking around outside is probably bad for you and bad for the thing we care about most in the world—our phones.


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