Freak Gets Her Ribs Removed To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

If you thought Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery way back in the day was bad, then buckle up for this. A Swedish woman named Pixee Fox, which we have a feeling might not be her birth name, has had over $120,000 of plastic surgery in an effort to look like a cartoon character. Pixee said “I’ve always been inspired by cartoons and Disney movies – all the curves and tiny waists.”

Okay so like what little girl isn’t inspired by Disney princesses, but Pixee has taken it a bit far. She started out trying to look like Tinkerbell, but then people kept telling her she looks like Jessica Rabbit, so that’s her goal now. She got a nose job, eyelid surgery, lip and cheek fillers, a brow lift, a butt lift, and four boob jobs because duh. Her latest surgery is the craziest one though. She recently had six ribs removed in order to achieve the world’s smallest waist. She now wears a corset 24/7, so we know at least one person has bought the Kardashian’s waist trainer.

She said it was hard to find a doctor willing to do the rib removal, because who in their right fucking mind would want to cut someone open and pull out six of their ribs?? There’s no word on what Pixee Fox wants to have done next, but it’ll probably be awful.


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