Pizza Is Officially More Motivating Than Money, Obviously

Pizza is a pretty motivating thing. It motivates me to go to SoulCycle. It motivates me to pretend to like sports. It motivates me to put on pants once the delivery guy finally arrives. All kinds of shit. So it’s not that surprising that pizza motivates people to work harder. I mean, if I get pizza for doing a better job, that’s what I’m gonna do. Fucking duh. Well now scientists have taken it a step further with a study that proves free pizza as a reward is more motivating than both compliments AND money. I could have told you that minus the experiment, but okay.

pizza is knowledge

So apparently in this study, a smart guy made people do work and tested four different groups: one that didn’t get shit, one that got a cash bonus, one that got compliments from the boss and one that got free pizza. What’s crazy is the group that got money actually did worse. Probs because it was like 30 bucks. I mean, if you tell me I’m gonna get more money if I do x, y and z, and I do it, and then you give me $30? Fuck that. You could have at least made it a Benjamin. Cheap ass. But pizza, on the other hand, had workers on a high for the whole damn week. I mean, this seems pretty obvious to me. They’re getting the world’s most delicious food for free. Why tf is this even news?


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