Pippa Middleton’s Creativity Fails Her…Again

Pippa Middleton aka the Middleton sister that sucks at social climbing is trying to become a fashion designer, because marrying rich wasn't going well for her. Pippa is an ambassador to the British Heart Foundation, so she pretended to be on an episode of Project Runway and “designed” a dress and scarf to raise money for the organization. By design, I mean that she had professionals sew a TopShop dress in a different fabric. Florals for spring, how groundbreaking Pippa.

This latest creative adventure follows up on Pippa's lifestyle book, Celebrate, where she dedicated an entire chapter to remind us to have champagne for a New Year's Eve Party. Pippa really should stick to what she does best: participating in mildly athletic charity events and standing silently behind Kate while wearing a flattering dress.


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