Pippa Middleton Called Out Kim Kardashian On Her Ass

Pippa Middleton tried to talk shit about Kim Kardashian. For some really mind baffling reason, Pippa “writes” articles and makes Kendall Jenner look like a Pulitzer Prize winner. Like seriously this girl could wife-up in approx five minutes and spend the rest of her life decorating her many homes and giving her children complexes.

She wroteRear of 2014 award undoubtedly goes to Kim Kardashian, after her posterior exploded all over the internet last month. I must say that mine is not comparable.” That part seems like Pippa is channeling her inner nice girl and passing over the best-ass crown to Kim K. But it's really just a backhanded compliment – classic. Then she goes on to say “What is with this American booty culture?” (read: stop trying to cash in on what I started in 2011) Kim's aim, apparently, was to break the Internet, but I'm not sure she's going the right way about it.” For the record, phenomenal usage of “apparently”, whoever ghost wrote that needs a raise. But like, the rest of this “call out” is just so bland. Pippa is basically saying that Kim is hot but also low class. Not that I'm disagreeing with you Pippa, but I expected more from a girl whose used her sister and her ass to hook up with every eligible bro in England.


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