Pinterest Is Adding A Buy Button

Good/bad news for betches with shopping addictions: Pinterest is adding a “buy” button. This is not a drill. How many times have you wished that every time you pinned an outfit, it would magically appear in your closet? I know, too many to count. Well, your wish could be a reality in as little as 3 to 6 months. So now you have a real reason to save up all your money. Everybody knows you're spending your weekends holed up in your apartment, anyway.

The “buy” option isn't going to take you to some spammy third party site where all the clothes are in Singapore and the sizes are 3x smaller than normal ones, like legit you will be able to buy your dream wardrobe directly from the board you see it on. Somebody pinch me.

Personally I think if Pinterest is going to do this to us (and our wallets) they need to also offer complimentary impulse control therapy. I also hope they have strict standards for who can and can't sell stuff over Pinterest, because if I see another washed-up sorority alum trying to sell shitty monogrammed sweatshirts (like I see all the time on Etsy), then I will probably gouge my eyes out and go off the grid.




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