Scientists Are Making a Pill That Means You Never Have to Workout Again

TG for scientists and drug companies. According to NyDailyNews, there's a pill in the works that will give you the benefits of exercise without exercising, and I've never been so excited to not do anything and get rewarded for it.

Excuse me while I celebrate.

Researchers from the University of Sydney (not surprising since everyone in Australia has approximately 0.001% body fat) and the University of Copenhagen (no clue where the fuck that is), have been working on this pill for three years.

Apparently it can be great for people with actual health problems and diseases but you just know its main consumer will be healthy woman ages 0-100. Before you start calling your doctor to cancel your Adderall prescription though, relax. This shit won't be available for a decade.

I know, I got you really excited to hop on board and then totally let you down, but that's exactly how I felt when I scoured the internet for more information on the new drug. Way to bury the lead people, thanks.

Anyway, one of the geniuses that came up with the thing said how much he “thinks we can make major strides in medicine” with it and if that means I don't ever have to make strides on an elliptical again starting 10 years from now, then yeah, I guess it's worth the wait. 


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