There’s A Petition You Can Sign So Phil Collins Stops Producing Music

Phil Collins is like the human version of apple sauce, kind of popular 20 years ago, but now everyone hates it. He sings the super sad song in Tarzan aka the one you listened to on repeat with your camp friends before leaving camp each summer. Apparently he’s about to drop a new album, but Rihanna’s been saying that for the past year and all we have is the BBHMM music video, so I’m not that sure.

Well apparently Phil as some haters, like Iggy Azaelia level haters. 2,500 people signed a petition to stop him from making music ever again. It’s called “Phil Collins must be stopped” because “Stop White People 2015” was already taken. The justification for the petition is because “there is far too much suffering in the world as it is,” so like ISIS and a new Phil Collins album would just be too much for the world to handle.

If you want to try and bond with your dad before asking for a new Barbour jacket, here’s the petition


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