Is Golden Boy Peyton Manning A Cheater?

If you even know what the sport of football is, then you know Peyton Manning. He’s the golden boy in every way.

He’s in car insurance commercials. 

He’s been in so many commercials that there’s a “Funniest Peyton Manning commercials” montage. 

Do you have DirectTV? Then your TV bill has perhaps paid for Peyton’s cheating. 

CHEATING?! Peyton fucking Manning?! According to Al Jazeera (the new TMZ of the Middle East), Peyton Manning arranged human growth hormone (HGH) to be shipped to his house in his wife Ashley’s name.

HGH allegedly help with rehabilitation and is another version of doping. Moreover, the NFL banned HGH in 2011. That’s also the year when Peyton allegedly set up his white-boy drug ring.

And 2011 is when Peyton had season-ending next surgery– so that shit is suspect. Moreover, Peyton Manning is 39, nursing home age in football years.

It’s hard to imagine a guy that readily mocks his own five head would be willing to tarnish a legacy for a couple of steroids. Especially if those steroids shrink the prized Manning jewels.

Peyton said he’s ready to sue the shit out of Al Jazeera. Experts aren’t ready to throw Peyton Manning under the bus yet, saying the report leaves too many questions unanswered. In the meantime, you stay golden, pony boy. 


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