The Perfect Interview Outfit That Will Get You Hired

If you’re a rare breed of betch that actually needs to work for a living and can’t sustain herself off of Instagram modeling, finding a job and getting your Louboutin-clad foot in the door can be the hardest part. Sex and the city lied to you; you can’t afford all those cosmos and Manolos (jk no one wears Manolos anymore) on a sex columnist’s salary. (Trust me. If that were a thing, I would have already made that a thing.) Looks do actually matter, and no matter how prepared you are, there’s no getting around a bad interview outfit.

This doesn’t just apply to betches working in fashion. No matter the industry, employers look for professionalism and style. Your credentials will fall to the wayside if your interviewer is too distracted by your unsightly fashion choices. Just saying, if Hilary Clinton walked into our office we’d tell her she’d be better suited (literally) somewhere else, probably a women’s’ correctional facility, where orange actually is the new black. Stop trying to make orange pantsuits happen, Hil. They’re never going to happen.

Exceptional Tailoring 

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To leave an impression even better than your resume, utilize the power of tailoring. Whether it be a chic pair of pants that fit you perfectly or a beautifully tailored blazer, structure and fit show a sense of self-awareness, appropriateness, and impeccable style.

Dress Length 


The Mirage Knit Dress & Ponte Turtleneck Midi Dress

Length is everything when it comes to dresses. Stay away from short dresses; you never know how potentially judgy your interviewer could be! Midi dresses are having a moment thanks to Olivia Pope and the other #Girlbosses of the world, real or fictional.


Diane von Furstengerg Madrid Pumps  & Opening Ceremony Lily Pumps

Heel height is crucial. Kitten heels will probably get you laughed of the building. Stilettos lack professionalism and practicality. Flats are unflattering and usually frowned upon, depending on the company. Stick between 3 and 4 inch heels, and choose a unique pair that highlights your personal style. It’s all in the details; a fun pair of heels adds personality and makes you memorable without compromising the integrity of the outfit.



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