7 Peppermint Beauty Products You Need

This should go without saying, but it’s important to have specific and premeditated MOs before every holiday. For instance, the MO for Thanksgiving was to

1.) not fraternize with thine enemy (everyone) and to 2.) consume nothing but white wine. Check and check.

The MO for Christmas is to 1.) get all of the presents 2.) gram/tweet/snap a photo of all the presents, and 3.) smell like a peppermint candy cane the whole goddamn time.

In order to achieve this 3rd part (1 and 2 are on you), I’m going to give you a break down of every peppermint item you need in your life.

Peppermint Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Bath, $17

Normally, I’d be soooo over something that claims it’s a three in one because, uhm, why you gotta try so hard? But this smells like what drinking a peppermint mocha probably feels like. (Just a guess because I’ve never had one. Heard they’re good though.)

 Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens, $6

Blot away excess oil without fucking up your makeup? K. Inhale peppermint while doing so? Double K.

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Bar Soap, $16

For your guest bathroom. Now you and all your friends can smell like peppermint. Welcome!

Josie Maran Nail Wipes, $9 

On a scale of 1 to global warming, how fucking annoying is it when you need to change your nail polish and don’t have remover on hand? TG these were invented so you can take them traveling with you, or just use them all the time because they smell so fantastic.

The Lip Scrub in Peppermint, $24

Sure you could DIY your own peppermint lip scrub, but why would you want to when you can just buy this one from Sara Happ? Same.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Hand and Body Lotion, $10 

I know what you’re thinking. Organic? Fair Trade? Under $10? Does it even work?YES. The answer is yes. And honestly, it makes you feel like you just rolled around in some Listerine, but like, in the best way possible. Refreshing!

BEAUTYCOUNTER Lip Conditioner, Peppermint Balm, $18

SO FUCKING GOOD. Keep by your bedside and try not to ingest. 





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