A Letter To People Posting The Same Picture On Every Social Media Platform

Dear Over-poster,

I get that you took like one lit picture in your entire fugly life, good for you. I would love to see that picture and I’ll probably toss you a like. I am following you, after all. I like, somewhat care about what you’re posting. “Somewhat” being the key word.

But I just can’t with you anymore. You really got carried away here. I open Instagram, there’s the pic. Then I open Facebook, same picture. You even posted a link to your Instagram on mother-effing Twitter. You do know that you can upload photos directly to Twitter, right? Wait, never mind, I don’t want to put that idea in your head.

You realize that, like, if you have less than 1,500 followers (aka most normal people), most of the people who follow you are probably already friends with you on Facebook and maybe even follow you on Twitter. I don’t need to see you wish your bestie a happy birthday every time I open an app. Like, can I fucking live? Also, imagine how much pressure your so-called bestie must feel to have to toss you a like on not one, but three social media platforms?

Liz Lemon cool it

Congrats on taking a sweet bikini pic, but I’m morally opposed to liking the same picture more than once just because you posted it up every-fucking-where. So, if you were doing it for the likes, you might want to rethink that option. It’s annoying and we’re all sick of your shit.

And don’t get me started on people who cross-post their tweets to Facebook. I didn’t think you were funny on Twitter; you’re not suddenly Louis C.K. when you post that same thought in a Facebook status, or a screen-shotted note to your Insta.

Nene Leaks Haha No

Bottom line, if I’m going to see all of your Instagram pictures on Facebook, I pretty much don’t need to follow you on Insta anymore, right? If we’re pretty good friends, I probably won’t unfollow you, but I will hide your annoying oversharing ass. I love you, but I’m certainly judging you for having no social media etiquette.


Your newest unfollower


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