People Are Freaking Out That Olivia Pope Is Pregnant

For all the betches who can only picture Kerry Washington with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of red wine, it might be time to reconsider that image. Our fav Scandal star just announced that she’s pregnant with her second baby, but its also right before filming for Scandal’s next season. Obviously, fans are panicking.

Filming starts in just a few weeks, but Kerry doesn’t seem to be phased by her bump at all. In an interview at the SAG-AFTRA awards this weekend, Kerry said, “I look a little curvier than usual,” obviously referring to her prego belly. She then said, “I look blessed.”

The actor who plays Fitz, Tony Goldwyn, even chimed in on the news, telling an interviewer that Kerry is “happy all the time” and referred to her pregnancy as “a magical time.”

Like, we’re totally happy for Kerry, but is no one considering the obvious baby bump that’ll show up in all the sexy Olivia/Fitz/Jake scenes? Let’s just hope filming doesn’t get interrupted by morning sickness and Lamaze class. 


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