Pedialyte Is The New Trendy Hangover Cure

Pedialyte is “an electrolyte replacement solution” that kids normally drink when they're sick. It's really good for you because it has all of the benefits of Gatorade but only 100 calories. So naturally, celebrities are now drinking Pedialyte as the hangover cure gift from the gods. Miley Cyrus and Pharrell are super into it, mostly because they drink to forget songs they produced 10 years ago. But instead of drinking 300 calories of red dye and eating three bagels, they drink Pedialyte.

The problem with Pedialyte is that it's harder to find than other drinks because they're pretty much only sold in drug store chains and grocery stores. So on your way home from the liquor store stop by a grocery store to pick up some pedialyte. You're body will thank you in the morning.



The perfect rider…candy, Pedialyte and Carl Sagan.

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