Pauly D Is Now Dating That Girl That Got Kicked Out of Danity Kane

What do you get when you put former C-list celebrities in a house to film a show called “Famously Single?” The greatest romance of the 21st Century: Pauly D and Aubrey O’Day. Famously Single is a new reality show where a dating couch helps famous people find love, kind of like Millionaire Matchmaker meets Big Brother. Well Jersey Shore’s Paul DelVecchio (yes that’s his real name) and and Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day met on the series and ~fell in love~ during t-shirt time.

If you’ve forgotten the important details of the 2000s, P Diddy fired Aubrey from Danity Kane for being a slut and Pauly D  is considered a mediocre DJ compared to the now iconic DJ Paris Hilton. If you DGAF, you probably have decent priorities, but just know that high school you would’ve cared a lot about this.

Aubrey had some pretty incredible incredible quotes describing their relationship, and by incredible I mean exactly what you’d expect from a 7th grade girl describing her boyfriend after chatting for two hours on AIM. They “connect in a really interesting way” – like sexually? – even though “they’re completely different but also pretty alike.”  Poetry.

Tbh I’m fine with this relationship as long as Vinny is the best man at their 1 Oak wedding. 


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