Paula Deen Tweeted Out A Picture Of Her Son in Brownface

Oh, Paula. What are we gonna do with you? If you recall, butter addict Paula Deen outed herself a little over a year ago as a big ol’ racist. And it seems like she’s learned nothing from losing all her endorsement deals and basically becoming the laughing stock of the entire Internet since 2013. Why? Because she just did something pretty fucking racist again.

Yesterday Paula tweeted a pic of her dressed as Lucy (as in, I Love Lucy, not the drug obv), and her son as Ricky. Okay aside from the fact that like, no one even knows who Lucy is anymore, why are people up in arms? Well, betches, it’s because in the pic Bobby (Paula’s son) has clearly OD’d on bronzer (tbt to Julianne Hough’s infamous Crazy Eyes incident) in an attempt to look like Ricky Ricardo – who’s actually Cuban, btw. Many are calling it “brownface,” some are calling it black face. I’m not really too partial to either, so the choice of characterization is up to you. Enjoy. But anyway, I think we can all pretty much agree that in this day and age, painting your face to look like a different race is pretty fucked up in general. And racist. Oh so racist. C’mon Paula, when will you learn?

While half the Internet is completely blown away and the other half is like “fucking duh, she’s a racist, we knew this already,” the pic isn’t actually new. It’s a screen cap from a 2011 episode of “Paula’s Best Dishes”—just how I like all my soul food: with a side of racism. Paula’s “social media manager” (aka Fall Guy) is being blamed for tweeting the pic in the first place, with the caption “Lucyyyyy! You’ve got a lot of esplainin’ to do!” It’s ironic because now Paula has a lot of esplainin’ to do. Get it? Anyway the social media intern manager was fired and now we can all go back to pretending to work, and like, doing other really important shit with our lives.


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