FDA Reveals We’ve Been Using Wood Shavings As Parmesan Cheese

Is cheese a carb? Maybe not, but it also might not be cheese. According to a new finding from the FDA, companies that have been selling you shaved parmesan cheese are actually padding their cheese with bits of wood shavings. Wow. Very horrifying. We think? I mean wood is natural, so maybe it’s good for us, we don’t know.

Regardless, nobody likes being lied to especially when it comes to food that’s not actually food. Apparently the bits of wood are like supposed to keep the cheese from clumping or something, but seriously it just sounds like someone is trying to poison us.

You can get around this by buying cheese and grating it yourself, or just like staying away from parmesan cheese. Brie is betchier anyways. Ugh this would never have happened when we were abroad in Florence. 



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