Paris and Milan Say Direct-to-Consumer Fashion Shows Are Not Going To Happen

Recently, we have seen a new idea popping up at fashion shows in New York. This thing called direct-to-consumer, which means that you can buy the clothes in fashion shows like, right off the runway and not have to wait.  This makes sense—you see something that you want, so the brand should sell it to you right then, right? Well, all the folks at big European brands are saying that you should actually have to wait because this is couture we’re talking about here, not some bullshit product on QVC.

Paris and Milan are basically saying fuck off to anyone who keeps asking when they will do direct-to-consumer shows. While I can see why people are starting to like the idea of timing shows with when shit hits stores, are you really going to question Chanel or Hermès? I think they know what they’re doing when it comes to anything, oh you know, fashion-related. However, many people are looking at the direct-to-consumer model as progress and think the big fashion houses are just taking an “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” approach. Tbh not really sure why that’s such a bad thing. Paris and Milan are just doing what all betches do: Not doing what they’re told, because they’re better than everyone else, because they have a Birkin and you don’t. 


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