17 Year Old Paris Jackson Admits She’s In AA

You know, the Jackson family has been a part of major drama for, oh I don’t know, the last century. So it should be no shock to us all that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris (yes, just like Paris Hilton, but that is a story for another day ), just leaked to the world that at 17 years old she has “AA meetings to go to.”

But oh how high tech the world has become, she “accidentally” leaked this to the world through her own Instagram account, where she was, ironically, standing up to bullies bashing her in the comments. Hey, my advice is haters gonna hate, so take the Kardashian approach, any comments are good comments. Weirdos trolling semi-famous peeps are losers and so responding to them is not worth any B-list or better celeb’s time.

But yeah, back to the whole, a 17 year old is in AA. First question, who knew AA was still a thing? Second, how does a 17 year old have time to drink so much that they literally become an alcoholic, hit rock bottom and then turn around and put themselves into treatment? That is one busy bee. Girl, I’m glad you’re addressing your problem, that’s the main thing. But damn, kids grow up so fast these days. When I was 17, the most badass thing I did was watch Gossip Girl instead of doing my homework.


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