Paris Hilton Takes Her DJ Shitshow To India

By now we all know that Paris Hilton is an accomplished DJ, and she’s devoted the past couple years of her life to convincing people that she truly does have a skill.  Anyone who knows anything about Paris is obviously doubtful, so she packed up her DJ supplies (an iPod shuffle) and flew to India, where people probably DGAF about her. She did one “performance” in Mumbai and another one in Pune, which I’ve never heard of but I’m sure it’s #glamorousAF. If you didn’t already have a concept of how annoying she is, Paris managed to insta 20 times during the two day trip, and she used the geotag “India” seven times. Idk if you know this Paris, but India is FUCKING HUGE. Geotagging India is like trying to meet a friend for lunch and her telling you that she’s “in New York.”  Like, fucking duh, try to be a little less helpful. We can only hope Paris played a remix of that song from Slumdog Millionaire, because I can’t think of anything that would be more cringeworthy. Cheers to Paris for being the fucking worst.


India knows how to party & have a #GoodTime! ������

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