Paris Hilton’s Hot Little Brother Is Going To Jail

So a few things to start: 1) Paris Hilton has a little brother, 2) Apparently he is only 22?!?, 3) He’s going to jail, and 4) How were we all unaware that there was a 22-year-old Hilton male, out there in the world?

But back to this whole going to jail thing, yeah he might not be as good of a catch as he appears. He has been on probation since 2015 for “abusive behavior toward a flight crew and fellow passengers while traveling from London to Los Angeles.” And he recently broke the terms of the probation for, “repeated drug use”. Oh and his ex GF also has a restraining order on him because he acted like a level 5 clinger and even broke into her house.

So…while his bank account says BF material, his personality, attitude and general behavior says blocked-on-Snapchat.

But real quick, I know he’s hot because duh he has the same gene pool as Paris, but how are these two photos both of him? On the right he is a total Rich Kids of Beverley Hills smoke show, and on the left he looks like what Donald Trump Jr. probs looked like in 1991. Come on Paris, give your baby bro some styling tips.  





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