Paris Fashion Week: 5 Favs From Chanel

Thanks to our girl Coco, Chanel will be betchy forever. Lots of black, expensive AF, chicer than you’ll ever be, Chanel is basically the shit. And anything that good ole Karl Lagerfeld puts out is definitely worth your whole paycheck. So start saving up because there was tons of new stuff that we are obsessed with from the latest show in Paris.

1. This black skirt. Obsessed. Formal separates have been in for at least 2 years.

I feel like this would look so good with some skanky crop top and some loubs. Perfect for that $400/ticket gala that you keep forgetting the name of what charity it’s for.

2. That badass cape Gigi was wearing. 


If Karl says it, it must be true. Capes are in.

3. Kendall’s black dress. 

Yes, I know, it’s Kendall. But you can’t say that she did not absolutely slay in this black dress. Again, perf for some overpriced charity thing.

4. Fringy Gatsby dress.

Always in the mood for Gatsby looking stuff. Flappers had a good time, so why can’t we?


5. Classic coat.

Any Chanel coat instantly says, I’m better than you, so you can never have too many. Love this long version, perfect for silently saying fuck you to people on your way to work.


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