Famous Models Are Taking Over Paris Fashion Week

Famous models took over Paris Fashion Week. Victoria’s Secret models Behati, Gigi, and Kendall put on some actual clothes to be in Chanel, Versace, Vionnet, and Viktor and Rolf. Get out the jar of Nutella, betches, it’s time to feel terrible about your body and general appearance!

Behati with a bati looks so fucking hot in Versace. This love has taken its toll on my self esteem, tbh. Technically, I could try to get this dress on with buckets of lube and shoehorn, but there’s really no hope.

Kendall’s facial expression is what I imagine her reaction would be to learning algebra. She looks just as confused as us when we found out Kylie’s New Year’s Resolution was to “just realize things.”

On the left we have a blah homely peasant baker and then on the right wait whut DAYUM who dat?! Gigi looks fab in this Versace power suit barely being held together with a bungee cord. Time to call HR cause this boss ass betch will get written up for public indecency in the workplace.

The other Hadid wanted to show her modeling off too (cue Kylie’s jealous tantrum over Kendall’s modeling book). We know Bella is a gorgeous pale vampire, but the strings of garlic cloves are a bit much tbh.

Just slap on a pair of wings to this tribal woman frock and you have the Spring/Summer 2016 Victoria’s Secret Pink Line! This is a big change from walking down the runway in a g-string and pasties, Taylor Marie Hill.

Did humpty dumpty get some work done? Damn, I guess that fall off the wall was real serious. This looks like the kid I babysit for got high on acid and went bat shit on some paper plates, rubber cleaning gloves, and toilet paper.

From Bella Hadid to Humpty Dumpty, famous models strutted their shit looking either constipated or horny. Sounds like a normal Monday for us! Till next time, betches!


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