Flashback Friday: PacSun Might Become A Thing Of The Past

No but really though because the California-inspired chain just filed for bankruptcy. According to Complex magazine, “Earlier this week it was reported that PacSun could be filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy…the company was facing a debt of around $160 million after shares dropped 90 percent within the last 12 months.” Now officially PacSun confirmed on its website that the company is filing for chapter 11 because it is, indeed, broke AF. Insert Chrissy Teigen’s Golden Globe face here.

In honor of the potential demise of the wannabe Hollister, let’s take a quick walk down memory lane. Long before Kendall and Kylie had a line named in their likeness at the pretend surfer paradise, PacSun was where little betches-in-training went to buy age-inappropriate outfits for their middle school mixers. It was where we learned that looking like we DGAF was and always will be what’s considered hot. Before Urban Outfitters had its massive revamp and became the only thing worth wearing, PacSun was where anyone who was anyone went for their graphic tees.

God. Graphic tees. Let’s never revive that trend. No one needs to know what cartoons you watched on Saturday morning or that you had a crush on Zack Morris. P.S. everyone had a crush on Zack Morris. You weren’t special then, and you’re not now.


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