Do’s and Don’ts of Vacation Packing

Betches love vacations and hate doing work, so naturally we have mixed feelings about packing. Packing is stressful and hard, and we end up bringing too much because we don’t know what we’ll actually need when we get there. Like, why can’t life be as easy as when our childhood nannies used to make our perfectly folded, color-coordinates piles?  (Seriously, have you considered a career at Abercrombie?)

When you’re packing for winter break, here are some guidelines to make sure you’re packing in the smartest way so you can have the best vacay possible.

DO: Think about each day

You don’t have to sit down with a legit detailed itinerary, but it’s important to have a basic idea of what you’ll be doing each day. If you know you’ll be at the beach for three days, pack three cover-ups accordingly. If you know you’ll be doing a day of hiking (for the nature Insta, of course) you’ll need a sports bra and leggings. Don’t just toss everything you own in a bag and assume you’ll be fine.

DO: Prepare a carry-on

Whether your flight is one hour or twelve, packing a good carry-on bag can make or break your travelling experience. New music, sleeping pills, healthy snacks, eye mask, stack of magazines—you get the point. No one wants to sit down on a plane and resort to a Sky Mall catalogue and airline peanuts.

DO: Leave room

If your suitcase is so stuffed you need to sit on it in order to close it, you’ll have no room for souvenirs on the way back. You’ll probably be doing some shopping over the break, and that huge bottle of Caribbean rum isn’t fitting in the front pocket of your suitcase. Make sure to leave yourself some room when packing. If you don’t come back from vacation with double the amount of stuff you brought, you did something wrong.

DON’T: Rely on others

Even if you’re going on a trip with your best friends, don’t rely on the fact that you’ll just borrow everything from them. You’ll want your own stuff to wear, and if your friend’s wedges happen to look better with the dress you brought, you can still borrow from her. But have your own options too—no one wants to look like the desperate friend who showed up to Cancun without her own shit.

DON’T: Wing it

Realistically, we don’t start packing until like an hour before our flight. Any betch who packs four days early has way too much time on her hands, and should probably get out more. However, it’s risky to just wing it by throwing in everything last minute. Try to at least make some piles the night before so you can get organized. You’ll know what you need and you’re less likely to forget things at home. Nothing’s worse than getting to your hotel room and realizing you need to buy half your toiletries and underwear at the resort gift shop. 


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