Out of the Woods Is Coming To A Vimeo Near You

Even though 1989 came out like over a year ago, Taylor Swift is still releasing singles because she knows we will eat that shit up. She’s airing the video for Out of the Woods on New Years Eve on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve With Ryan Seacrest, so try not to black out too early and miss it. The song is definitely about Harry Style, so we can only hope the video is chirpy af and features a random male model.

In case you wanted some extra drama with your Taylor Swift news, she pissed off New Zealand nature conservationists when filming – haters gonna hate. She completely ignored regulations, because fitting all of the equipment into a park was way more important than the endangered dotterel bird species. Tbh, as long as this video is as good as Blank Space, IDGAF. 

Source: Cosmopolitan


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