Our Alex Mika X Betches Exclusive Jewelry Collection is NOW LIVE!

We’ve teamed up with the popular, trendy yet classic jewelry brand Alex Mika who are very popular among the celebs (!!) to bring you an extremely fun and chic jewelry collection that you can only buy EXCLUSIVELY at www.shopbetches.com. I know, we’re excited too. We have limited quantities so they won’t be here for long! I suggest getting yours now . Think flawless meets edgy meets I need all this jewelry immediately. So, let’s start with the…

Diamond Necklace

A must have to add to your layering collection. I mean I’m wearing it right now and I’ve had like 4-6 compliments already.

Comes in silver and gold

Diamond Ear Jackets 

Aka earrings. They’re literally perfect. They wrap around your ear hence the jacket part. 

Comes in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. 

THE Diamond Ring

This dainty little betch is the cutest thing since idk what. Wear this on any finger, you will be the envy of all your friends. Or maybe make it a bestie ring? Or perhaps you have a bigger hand and then you can buy a smaller size and midi it up! DO WHATEVS YOU WANT but I am telling you you will be so happy when you get this in the mail. 

Comes in sizes 6, 7 and 8. 

And last but not least… 

The Mary Jane Necklace

Calling all stoner betches. Could we BE more excited about a piece of jewelry? I mean it looks gorgeous in rose gold but also in yellow gold I CAN’T DECIDE I LOVE THEM BOTH! It’s an extra long chain with a long piece and small bar at the bottom. If you’re a true stoner betch you wouldn’t hesitate twice about charging your dad’s credit card for this one. We’re judging you. 


You should basically buy it all. Follow @shopbetches and @alexmikajewelry for more! 


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