What To Expect At The Oscars This Year

The 88th Academy Awards are this Sunday, and it feels like everyone’s been talking about them forever. The complete lack of acting nominees of color is very unfortunate and controversial, but now it’s time to focus on what will actually happen at the ceremony.

Host Chris Rock will have some harsh words for Hollywood. Chris isn’t known for hiding his opinions on anything, and we have a feeling he’ll have some things to say on behalf of people of color everywhere.

Some comedic bits will fall flat. It’ll probably be a serious actress who tries to act fun, and ends up looking awkward (Anne Hathaway if she’s there).

Brie Larson will win Best Actress and look stunning doing it. Brie has been killing the red carpet this season, and she’s won pretty much every major award for her work in Room.

Way too many technical categories. You can plan your bathroom breaks while they’re presenting the awards for sound mixing and hairstyling.

Leo should win. And by ‘should,’ we don’t just mean “he should win because he’s hot and perfect!!” He’s the favorite this year by far, and everyone agrees that his gritty performance in The Revenant should do it. If he doesn’t win, the whole world might explode. Either way, I can’t wait to see what memes the internet will come up with.

The show will be long and boring. The Oscars have tried everything, and there’s just no way for it to not get boring. Suck it up. Just do what I’m going to do, and make the entire thing into one marathon drinking game.


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