Getting To The Bottom of WTF Organic Means

Every betch knows the term organic from heading to the grocery store for her bottles of wine and cheese at the grocery store. But it seems like very few people know organic from not organic from pesticide free from all-natural. We’re breaking it down for you.

The what: Organic foods are foods that are produced via organic farming. Organic farming is a form of farming that doesn’t allow any kind of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Most organic farming also disallows irradiation, industrial solvents, and synthetic food additives, but that shit differs from farm to farm. Why do it? Because it’s designed to encourage soil and water conservation, duh.

Also, in the EU, US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan, producers need a super special certificate in order to produce organic food. So if you see something marked “all natural,” realize that it is NOT the same thing as something being labeled “organic.”

So, what difference is there really between the organic apples and non-organic? Really, just the use of certain pesticides while they’re being farmed. There is no evidence (yet) that organic foods are healthier or “better” for you than non-organic foods, so the Food Babe can go shave her back now.  There’s also no evidence that they really differ in taste; but, keep in mind that organic foods may spoil faster since they often lack the waxy coatings or protective preservatives on their skin.

If you do choose to buy organic, do it because you give a shit about the environment or like, love not eating chemicals. Don’t do it because you think it tastes better or is better for you. There’s literally nothing proving it is – yet. The more you know!


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