Oregon Made It Easier To Get Birth Control

Even as a West Coast betch, I kind of forget about Oregon. It’s basically Washington and California’s weird middle sibling that’s strangly into nature and average-tasting donuts (I’m looking at you VooDoo). But this month the entire state has been killing it with their legislation.

On July 1 they made it legal to carry an ounce of weed with you, even on airplanes if you’re flying in-state. They also added two new laws to their books making it much easier for betches to get birth control.

Oregon joins California in allowing pharmacies to supply on-demand birth control and hormone patches. The pharmacists can hand over your baby-proofing supplies if you’re over 18 of if you’re under 18 and have proof you’ve been prescribed birth control before.

Oregon’s lady hero Governor Kate Brown also signed into law a bill that requires insurance agencies to cover 12-month supplies of birth control including the patch, pill or ring, at the same time. Get this, their legislators didn’t even, like, fight that much about it. It passed 28-0 in the Senate and 55-2 in the House. Meaning, Oregon’s legislators are making major headway for politicians looking out for the ladies.

Just FYI, studies out of UCSF say if you have a 12-month supply of birth control, you’re less likely to become knocked up than people who have to refill every 30 or 60 days; something about not having to do extra work to get your birth control makes you less likely to forget about it.

It must be in the weed because Colorado and Washington might be next to hop on the bandwagon that’s trying to stop more girls from becoming eligible for Teen Mom spin-offs. Those two states have recently introduced their own birth-control expansion bills too.


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