An Open Letter to People who are “Doing Work”

Dear people who think they’re working harder than literally anyone else,

You know that really successful, fit, happy person who is always posting amazing updates about their career or and lifestyle on social media?  You know, that person you admire in real life because their Facebook posts tell you constantly how amazing they are.

What’s that you say? You can’t think of anyone like this?

Well join the motherfucking club. These people don’t exist.

This letter is for those out there “doing work”, the ones who are waking up every day to “rise and grind” and “work” on their lifestyle/fitness/fashion blog.

I have news for you. If you have time to wake up every day, Instagram your coffee, and proceed to tell everyone how hard you’re working and how much you accomplish, you probably aren’t working that hard.

Does Meredith Grey stop in the middle of saving a life to Tweet about how hard she worked that day? I don’t think so.

People who are actually successful, and are actually the happiest, probably aren’t spending their whole day telling you about how hard they work. These people are just working and kicking ass and shutting the fuck up about it.

Case study: Your dad.

Betches have some of the greatest and hardest working dads in the world. They have to work hard to afford your school and clothes and lifestyle. Do you appreciate your dad for going to his really boring job every day to make money to support you? Sure. What you appreciate even more is that your dad doesn’t feel the need to mention how much work he does to provide for your family. He just does it and you love him even more for it. You go, dads.

Now imagine a world in which your dad felt the need to infiltrate your social media feeds with a whiny excuse for a humble brag explaining how hard he works to afford your shit. You’d start being like, “OK, Dad, we get it.”

Everyone has finals, everyone has homework, and mostly everyone has to work to support themselves at some point. Even that rich brunette betch from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills got partially cut-off from her parents and had to start working. You’re not special for having a job. You’re not special for working, or, like most of us, pretending to work. That’s just something we have to do now. Thanks, Obama. 


The Betches


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