The Olsen Twins’ Style Throughout The Years

From matching overalls on Full House to fashion moguls/partners in design, the Olsen twins are hands-down the betchiest twosome to ever grace the front row. Whether you consider their signature look “bohemian-bourgeois” or simply “homeless”, their knack for breaking traditional rules and blurring the lines of high and low fashion with a frumpy-fab aesthetic has majorly influenced street style and runway shows alike. Here’s a look at Mary-Kate and Ash’s style evolution, from denim to Dolce, and the valuable lessons about life and fashion that the pair has taught us along the way.

1990: The five-year-old twins teach us the power of monotones. Clearly this is a critical life lesson that still rings true today.

1993: The right headgear really makes an outfit pop.

1995: Mixing masculine and feminine elements: this is a rule of style that underlines the entire concept behind their current labels, THE ROW and Elizabeth and James.


2000: Chokers rule (we hold them solely responsible for the choker’s epic comeback).

2006: The twins establish THE ROW at only twenty years old.

2007: Mary-Kate and Ash establish Elizabeth and James, their second lifestyle brand that stands for a balance of masculine and feminine elements, hence their motto, “the magic is in the mix”.

2011: The Olsens work Yves Saint Laurent at the Metropolitan Opera and continue to show the world that they let the clothes do the talking.

2012: The Council of Fashion Designers of America named Ashley and Mary-Kate as Womenswear Designers of the Year. Fucking duh. They’re fabulous.

2014: Mary-Kate gets engaged at 27 to her 44-year-old fiancé Olivier Sarkozy. This betch is about that older men life, and we love it. Pros over Bros. Her $81,000 Cartier engagement ring doesn’t hurt, either. Oversized jacket, aviators, giant ass diamond ring. Nailed it.

2016: The Olsens are still slaying on and off the runaway, as per usual. We’re obsessed with their style, a flawless blend of girly sophistication and tailored, edgy menswear. Once child actors, the twins transformed themselves into fashion icons and brilliant businesswomen. Thank you, Olsen twins, for making even our Monday morning coffees and wet hair a bold statement.


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