Chic Betch Of The Week: Olivia Palermo

This week we honor Olivia Palermo, queen of blowouts and betchiness, as a true fashion icon, tastemaker, front row frequenter, and—most importantly—Chic Betch of the Week. Her refined sense of style and poised attitude shines through in a fashion scene too often oversaturated with bodycon latex dresses and faces that look like they were contoured with an icepick. Palermo’s classic elegance reminds us that the value of embracing personal style and that class never goes out of style. Here’s why we can’t get enough of this betch:

She’s an OG

2008… a magical time when leggings were pants, maxi dresses became a thing (brunch food babies rejoice!), and MTV’s The City captivated betches everywhere with the inevitable (and very staged) drama that arises from a fame-thirsty group of highly underqualified magazine mavens. Obvi Olivia was our favorite. She was the only betch on the show with a cultivated fashion sense and signature look (Sorry Whit). She literally gave zero fucks, and although her office etiquette wasn’t exactly as sophisticated as her style, we loved her for it anyways. Her resting betch face is #Goals.

She Slayed at PFW

She exuded effortless coolness at the Elie Saab show with a fur vest, Dior shades, and turtleneck sweater.

Her gown made a statement, which she perfectly paired with understated makeup and accessories.

She took a risk and mixed prints like a champ.

My God this betch can rock a middle part. Even I can’t do that. Not that I didn’t try in middle school, but whatevs.


She’s about that life

Olivia just gets it, ya know?

She’s a #GirlBoss

Her stint on reality TV may have been falsified, but her current success in the fashion industry is kind of a big fucking deal. She’s business-savvy and constantly collaborating with major designers like Aquazurra and Westward Leaning and uses her impeccable style as a weapon for world domination, basically. This betch sits front row for a reason!

Her Husband is Hot AF

Her model hubby, Johannes Huebl, serves as the ultimate arm candy and fashionable sidekick. Power coupling is the new trophy wife-ing, after all.

Even Her Dog is Chic

Johannes isn’t the only man in Olivia’s life; her Maltese terrier, Mr. Butler, is a a loyal companion and accessory. She even matches her outfits to him (see above). Elle Woods would be so proud.



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