Olivia Munn Stays Hot By Eating A Carb, Sign Us Up

There’s nothing celebrities love more than giving us normal folk beauty advice. There’s Gwyneth and her fucking insane bee stinging therapy. The Kardashians and waist trainers that don’t work. Shit like that. Well now regulation hottie Olivia Munn says she takes care of her skin by eating special Japanese sweet potatoes, which is great, but like, wtf are those?

confused baby

The good news: In the world of crazy anti-aging shit like cryotherapy and semen facials (dear God, please don’t let fuckboys find out this is a thing), eating a carb seems pretty doable. Also, Olivia is hot AF and landed Aaron Rodgers. Ya know, Jordan Rodgers’ brother who’s actually good at being a football player? So if this shit works, count me in. I’m always looking for an excuse to eat carbs.

Regina George Is Butter A Carb

The bad news: Where, besides fucking Tokyo, can I get these things? She says you can order them from Japanese markets, but how does one even go about doing that? Do they have like, a website? How much would shipping cost from Japan? Sounds fucking complicated. If I can’t buy it at Whole Foods, I’ll pass. Ugh. Why can’t pizza make my skin glow? Now that would be fucking newsworthy.


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