Old AF Alec Baldwin Just Had Another Kid

On Monday, Alec Baldwin and his much-younger wife Hilaria (we promise we won’t make a joke about her name) welcomed their third child together, a boy named Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin. This is the couple’s third kid in almost exactly three years, which means Hilaria has been very busy at home while Alec is off filming Capital One commercials.


In case you’re thinking “wait, isn’t Alec Baldwin like, old?” the answer is yes. He’s 58, which isn’t like old old, but it’s definitely past the point that most people are having their third kid in as many years. Hilaria, on the other hand, is a spritely 32, which means that she has time to pop out at least five more before her baby-making years are over. Too bad his talk show got canceled, he might need that extra cash—diapers are expensive!

So congratulations to Alec and Hilaria, and to baby Leonardo, we hope you like having a 76-year-old dad at your high school graduation.


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