Study Finds Everyone At Yale Is Horny AF

OkCupid stopped helping strangers have one night stands long enough to do some important studies about where the hottest, drunkest, horniest kids go to college. Apparently, Yale (ever heard of it?) is the place to be.

Yale students are regulation hotties; they’re 8.9% sexier than average college kids. So don’t feel too bad about the fugly baseball player you hooked up with last weekend, you were already choosing from a limited group. Some other interesting states: 44% masturbate every date; 57% say “their sex drive is higher than average:” and 62.5% fucking love a good rager. So basically, they might have been half a virgin the first day of freshmen year, but are no longer hymenally challenged.

All of that’s a little surprising, considering that when I think of Yale I think of Rory Gilmore, the OG nice girl. But I guess Logan Huntzberger’s legacy really left a mark on Yale. Plus, everyone looks good in white and navy blue, so they have a natural advantage. 


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