O.J. Simpson Will Take A Paternity Test To See If He’s Khloé’ Kardashian’s Real Dad

Back in 2012 when the world was still ripe with promise—the last Twilight movie was released, Taylor Swift still sang “country” music, and The Hunger Games was still just a book—a little show called Keeping Up with The Kardashians was in its seventh season. On the premiere of the biography of America’s worst family, Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian had an intense conversation about many things: Kris’ admittance of an affair during her marriage to the OG Kardashian, Robert, and the true identity of Khloé’s father. Was she a Kardashian or someone else entirely? Was this affair with Robert Kardashian’s client and (alleged) murderer of Kris’ friend Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J. Simpson? But why male models?

From beyond the wall (or really just from beyond his jail cell where he’s currently rotting for theft and kidnapping), O.J. has garnered quite a bit of attention. He started with his permission to film the documentary of his trial, The People v. O.J. Simpson, and has continued with his agreement to partake in a paternity test in order to find out if none other than Khloé Kardashian herself is his daughter. According to CBSSports, “…Khloe Kardashian once begged Simpson to take a paternity test because she wanted to find out if he’s her father. In a further interview with the Daily Mail, Felix explained that Simpson would be willing to take a paternity test, but only on one condition: She has to visit him in prison.”

So really, if you think about it, this whole thing probably has no validity to it at all because it all stemmed from The Juice’s own boredom and loneliness. Find a better way to entertain yourself. Do a sit up or two. Even Piper from OITNB knew prison was only good for getting ripped.


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