OJ Simpson Can’t Watch The New Show About Himself Because His Prison Doesn’t Get The Channel

Next week, American Crime Story, which is a companion series to American Horror Story, premieres. The first season is all about the O.J. Simpson trial from the ‘90s, and it’ll probably be great and creepy and intense and everything you could ever want. O.J., however, won’t ever get to see it. The problem is, O.J. is now in prison, and his prison only has basic cable, which doesn’t include FX. Shame that O.J. won’t get to relive his glory days on national TV, but it also seems a little bit fucked up that the prison system is paying for any cable at all….like, couldn’t you just let them watch PBS and call it a day?

Either way, O.J. will probably get some guard to let him binge it online. We know how these things work, we’ve seen every episode of Orange Is The New Black.


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