Obvious Child: Betches Love This Movie

In case you haven’t heard, ‘Obvious Child’ is an Indie movie about a quirky girl that gets an abortion. It’s like a Jewish Zooey Deschanel accidentally gets preg and then Lena Dunham decides it's generational and “now” and makes a movie about it. Quirky girl's man of choice is New Jim from the The Office, who actually has a real name and apparently it’s Jake Lacy.

So, here’s what happens. This quirky Jewish girl (Jenny Slate) works at a bookstore, and does comedy on the side. She talks about her vagina and underwear and everyone laughs, except for her asshole boyfriend. Her asshole boyfriend then dumps her for her best friend and she gets drunk and does feminine comedy and meets New Jim. Then there’s a montage of them dancing and laughing and at one point he farts in her face while she's squatting peeing on the ground. Apparently they consider that a good time, and she gets preg. Oops.

Quirky girl spends the rest of the movie deciding whether or not to tell him about the baby she isn't going to have, while he basically stalks her. They have a cutesy relationship, and he makes fun of her for wearing orange crocs. She also wears a lot of scarves, drinks wine out of a mason jar and spends time thinking on benches.

Anyway, we can’t decide if this weird plot is hip and honest or irresponsible and annoying. On one hand, it's 2014, yeah women can get abortions and it’s okay, but it’s not exactly behavior to encourage. As far as anyone can tell, the public doesn't seem to be feeling it too much. This movie has gotten a hipster following, but has basically made no money at the box office, which is awkward. Juno made a shit ton. Just saying.

'Obvious Child' is funny and short, and Jewish quirky girl and nice boy have some moments together that don’t make me want to gag, so it’s worth the watch. But still the question remains, should abortion be a genre? Debatable.


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