Obama Crashed A Wedding

As we all know, Pinterest is currently ruining weddings. Everybody is getting cupcakes instead of real cakes, all the groomsmen are wearing trashy prom-esque vests, and those stupid giant picture frames for people to pose in just aren’t going away. However, one couple in San Diego mixed things up a bit.

While the bride Stephanie and groom Brian were trying to get ready to, you know, get married, President Obama tots stole their thunder by playing golf outside their hotel.

Since everyone was too busy trying to catch a glimpse of the president instead of staring at her, Stephanie decided that to put the spotlight back on her, she had to just run to the Prez for some pics. Unfortunately, not all of them are the best. I mean, I guess she had a lot going on that day, meeting the leader of the free world, having to run in heels on grass, and oh yeah marrying some dude with a beard. 





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